Engine Watchkeeping Details

Engine Watchkeeping

Watchkeeping is an integral part of the marine engineer’s duties on board ship. A lot of maintenance work can be reduced by following an efficient watchkeeping routine in the ship’s engine room. Moreover, it can also avoid serious accidents from taking place. But what is the true yardstick for measuring the efficiency of a watchkeeping procedure? A smooth-running ship is a product of efficient handling at the bridge and effective management in the ship’s engine room under any seagoing condition. When a marine engineer is approved to be the in charge of the engine room, he is eligible and officially authorised to handle a ship’s engine of “Unlimited Power”.

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Practical Marine Engineering and Seamanship.
Terms used in machinery spaces and names of machinery and equipment.
Engine-room watchkeeping procedures.
Engine room Workshop Safety.
Working with emergency equipment.
Shipboard emergency procedures.
Personal Safety at sea.
Actions to prevent injury.
Personal protective and other protective equipment.
Environmental protection Procedures.
Use of appropriate internal communication system.
Engine-room alarm systems.
Operate emergency equipment and apply emergency procedures.
Knowledge of emergency duties.
Escape routes from machinery spaces.

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